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Will solar panels make my roof leak?

Oct 13

Solar panels are becoming more popular as more people realize the many benefits of renewable energy sources. It's a good thing.


These devices can reduce your energy costs by up to 50%, help you save the environment and provide you with a tax rebate depending on where you live.

The solar installers in Phoenix and costs of the panels are decreasing each year, and maintenance is minimal.


All of this has a "but." For the panels to be installed, holes must be drilled in your roof. This is a serious concern, as our homes are our most valuable assets. Is the top going to be damaged? It could cause leaks.


Are you likely to end up spending more on roof repairs than what you pay for energy bills? These questions are all very normal and very common. They can usually be answered quickly with a simple, short "No."


Usually, however, for every rule, there is an exception. In rare cases, solar panels can cause severe damage. Here are some ways to avoid it.

How are solar panels installed?

We must first understand how solar panels are installed and why they can sometimes cause roof leaks.


Installation typically involves a racking system, wiring the panels to the junction boxes, and electrical and mechanical hardware.


The installers will drill holes into your roof during installation. These holes will attach the panels to your top with lag bolts. The type of roof material will determine the size and depth of these holes.


Although it might seem like you are asking for trouble by deliberately creating holes in your roof, flashing is a type of plastic or metallic shield that surrounds bolt fixtures to stop water from getting into the holes.


The flashing is sealed with tar or similar material to reduce risk, and the hole is filled with sealant.

After the panels and racking systems have been installed, the wiring will connect the panels to an inverter that changes the direct current into an alternating current.

Leakages should not happen if everything goes according to plan. 


Is that to say they won't happen? No. Even though it is rare, solar panels may cause damage or leakage.

It is possible to avoid this potential with simple precautionary steps, as we will soon see.

Are Solar Panels a Cause of Leaking Roofs?

A leaking roof is a serious problem if you have ever suffered hail storm damage to your house.

The roof can be damaged beyond repair if the problem is severe.

It's not unreasonable to be concerned about drilling holes in your roof. Installing a solar panel will undoubtedly alter the structural makeup of your home, which is something you shouldn't take lightly.