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What is the best direction to point solar panels?

Oct 13

he South is the best direction to place solar panels. It is almost always the best direction for solar panels to face. In most cases, homeowners will see significant savings in their electric bills and have the fastest payback time if they face south.


South-facing panels improve the economics of solar. It maximizes solar output, maximizes net metering and maximizes battery storage.

Below, we discuss each one in greater detail.

South is the best direction for maximizing solar panel output.

The Equator receives approximately 80% of the sun's rays yearly. To maximize sunlight exposure, if you are north of the Equator, face south. The Sun constantly moves across the southern half of the sky in all areas north of the Tropic Of Cancer .


The South is the best place to live if you have net metering.

South This is the best direction to place your solar panels if you live in an area that has full retail (1-1 net metering).


Because 1:1 net metering can be used, your priority should always be to achieve the highest solar output possible, regardless of when it is produced.


Let me explain. The south-facing solar panels produce the most power, but most of their output is during midday. Your consumption is at its lowest during the day, so that surplus power will be produced. Net metering allows extra power to be a positive thing. 


You can export the electricity to the grid for credit equal to its retail value.

It doesn't matter if your location has 1:1 net metering. You want to have 100% electricity at the lowest possible cost. This can be done by orienting solar panels south.


The South is the best place for battery systems.

If you want to install a battery storage device such as the Tesla Powerwall, or Sonnen eco, then South-facing panels will work best.


This is because your battery system aims to provide as much power over the day as possible. Your panels should face south to allow you to meet all your day-to-day needs. 


This will also generate extra energy that can be used to recharge your battery. Your battery can be used to provide power for peak hours, nighttime and when there is no grid connection.


Combining south-facing solar panels and a battery solution will allow you to maximize energy self-consumption. This reduces your dependence on the grid or even entirely off.

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