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How solar panels are installed on rooftops?

Oct 4

There's no better time to install solar panels than do it right now. Solar panels and solar PV systems have become significantly less expensive. Nowadays, solar panels are much more affordable and easy to install than ever before.

Solar panels are a complicated project that many people across the country are beginning to investigate. Although most people are familiar with solar panels, not many know the details of setting up a rooftop solar power system.

Steps to install a Solar Panel

These are the some easiest steps to install a solar photovoltaic panel on your roof.


1) Assess your options

Before installing solar panels on your home, there are some things you should remember.


  • Are you able to install solar panels on your roof? What is the cost?


  • Will the sun shine brightly on your space during daylight hours?


  • Are your roof's structural strengths sufficient to support solar panels?


  • What percentage of the area is shaded?


  • Which type of solar panel would you like to use for your house (monocrystalline or polycrystalline, thin film, bifacial, or PERC?


2) Load calculation, energy audit

What amount of energy does your house consume?

After you have made your decision, you can calculate how much electricity you will need after you install a solar panel at your home. Use our easy DIY calculator guide to calculate the following:


  • Solar System Capacity


  • Your Solar System Area Requirements


  • Your Solar System's Payback Period

An energy audit can help you estimate how much electricity your solar panel for home will need to produce. An energy audit can help you:

  • You can reduce your monthly energy bills by reducing excessive usage
  • Determine how much solar power you need
  • For some tax credits, rebates and loans, you must meet a critical condition


3) Grid-Connected, Off-Grid, or Hybrid

Grid-connected systems allow solar panels to be connected to the grid. This is how solar energy is produced. If the solar power plant produces less electricity than is required to meet consumption, then the excess will be automatically taken from the grid. An off-grid power system is not connected to the grid. Battery storage is therefore necessary. A hybrid system is a combination of solar and battery storage. They are available in various configurations and forms.


4) Determine your budget

You can quickly determine how much it will cost to install a solar panel at your home by using the solar calculators on the MNRE site. Be sure to factor in maintenance costs, warranty, life expectancy, and cost of replacement.


5) Choose your solar developer

Once you have your budget set, it's time to search for a reliable company that can provide solar energy. It is important to research the company that you are interested in purchasing a solar panel from. This product will last you a lifetime and you don't want to be caught unawares. Make sure to check the warranties. Advosy Energy is a trusted company, with a creative team of solar designers and experts.