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7 Steps to Professional Sump Pump Installation

Apr 3

Are you experiencing basement flooding? Well, there’s no better way to prevent that than with a sump pump. But bear in mind that sump pump installation Rock Hill, SC may not be the easiest do-it-yourself project. Local specialists like Crawlspace Xperts don’t even recommend that you do it without getting a professional to help you.

However, if you’re looking for basic information on installing a sump pump in your basement, crawl space, or backyard, check out the seven steps below:

  • Set the sump basin upside down on the basement floor and draw its outline.

When determining where the pump should be installed, make sure that you have a drainage plan and a source of electric power nearby.

  • Dig a hole deep enough to accommodate the sump basin.

Break the concrete floor with a demolition hammer. (Note from Crawlspace Xperts: chopping through concrete and digging the sump-basin hole is laborious, even with an electric demolition hammer.)

  • Wrap the exterior base of the basin with filter fabric before setting it in the hole.

This will prevent the pump motor from getting clogged with silt.

  • Put several layers of gravel inside the hole, after placing the basin inside.

On top of the gravel, place a stone paver. It will keep gravel out of the pump, and provide it with a stable platform.

  • Connect a one-way check valve to a PVC pipe to run up the wall and out of the basement.  

The pipe's main purpose is to transport water up and out of the house.  Use a hole saw to drill a pipe hole in the wall of the house. Apply paintable caulk to seal the pipe's perimeter. This will keep water out. 

Extend the PVC pipe outdoors and let it drain through a downspout. Insufficient grading of the land may prevent proper drainage, so either invests in regrading the yard or install an even longer downspout. 

It may be tempting for some homeowners to simply drain their sump pump into a municipal drainage system, but most locales do not allow it. Check with your town to see which drainage options are permitted before performing your sump pump installation Rock Hill, SC.

  • Mix new concrete in a trough and fill in the crevice around the sump basin.

Fill in the basin to the top and smooth it off with a pointed trowel.

  • Power up your pump and test it by filling the basin with water.

Should you ever need to replace the pump, simply switch off the power to the unit. Next, disconnect the old model from the discharge valve. Connect again and level a new pump. Finally, repeat the same test you did when you first installed it.

Sump Pump Installation by the Experts!

  • Design the system so that routine maintenance can be carried out with permanent access.
  • Before backfilling the sump with concrete, remove the pumps first.
  • The system must be flushed through before the installation and operation of the pump(s) to eliminate sand, rubble, silt, and general debris in the tank.
  • Before plumbing in your sump, install your pumps with the waste pipework, alarm, and float arms outside the sump chamber to ensure proper fit.

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