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Before you purchase what happens after you go solar

Feb 25


Your solar panels will be covered under a warranty for 25 years. Image source: NYTimes

Now you have installed solar panels at your house. You can now begin producing clean energy. Great! But what happens next?

This article will be able to answer your query. We'll explain the process of installing a solar system with albuquerque solar. We'll also go over the impacts the system will affect your electric bill as well as on the environment, as well as the value of your home.

You can switch your panels off - following these two steps

However, after the installation is complete the installation will not start producing renewable energy immediately. There are at the very least one, however, possibly two things to be completed first.


First, your home must be equipped with a bi-directional meter. This type of meter allows for electricity to not just be supplied to your home through the grid. However, it also allows electricity to be exported through your solar panels. This step can be skipped if your home already has an electric meter that is bi-directional.


Then, after your bidirectional meters and your panels are installed then you need to obtain permission to use (PTO), from the utility provider. You cannot turn on the solar panel system until you have received this. This typically doesn't require any effort on your part as your solar provider will be able to apply on your behalf.


These two items will enable you to switch on your solar inverter and start selling electricity back to the grid. This will significantly reduce your electric bill.


Panel performance can be monitored with monitoring apps

The top brands of solar inverters are equipped with remote monitoring which connects to your home's WiFi network that allows you to check the progress of solar panels from anywhere around the globe.


It is also possible to see how much electricity your home is using and the amount of power being exported to the grid However, this is typically an extra feature that costs around $200-300.


A lot of inverter makers have apps that make it even simpler. Below is a view of SolarEdge's dashboard for monitoring

The electric bill will be much lower

Your solar panel system is from Advosy Energy generates more electricity in the course of the day than required to power your home. The excess electricity is transferred to the grid. Net metering, which is accessible in all states lets your utility company charge the amount of energy the solar system generates in the same way that you pay for power. It's a low-cost solar abq solution that is required at home, too.


If, for instance, you pay an electric bill of 14 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) the utility would then have to credit your account 14 cents for each kWh that your solar power system transfers to the grid.


Net metering has another advantage: In months when your system exports more electricity than the energy your home consumes it is possible to carry the credit over to the future bills for energy. You might be able to get your monthly billing cycle completed at the end depending on the provider you choose to use.


Net metering allows you to gain the maximum value from all your solar production - without the necessity for battery storage. Solar power can reduce homeowners' power bills by up to percent and save thousands over the life of their system. This means that they do not just get back the initial cost of the system but can also save significant amounts over the course of.


Additionally, you can benefit from net meters, which can be worth 26 percent of the total costs of the system. There are a variety of other incentives offered by states as well. To find the most effective solar firms in New Mexico, simply use the internet to search for them.

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