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The panels are durable and cost-effective for their lifetime.

Jan 12

The panels are durable and cost-effective for their lifetime.

You may already be aware that solar panels for your home are beneficial for the environment. However, it is often considered to be expensive to set up and maintain. It is becoming increasingly affordable to install and maintain such a system. The solar photovoltaic system has become an efficient, cost-effective, and simple to maintain an alternative source for electricity over the past decade.

Is it expensive to maintain solar panels? Is solar energy low-maintenance or expensive? We will be discussing how to invest in solar energy, how to maintain solar panels throughout their life, as well as some additional solar tips.

Solar Installation Costs

Products and installation are the primary costs associated with solar electricity. A residential home converted to solar electricity can cost the owner between $35,000 and $50,000, depending on which system they choose and how big their energy needs.

Solar Sacramento now will guarantee your solar systems energy production, or we'll pay you the difference!


The Current Electricity Cost

It's important that you compare solar electricity costs with what the average person is paying for electricity. Although electricity prices can vary from state to state due to variations in the quality of the power, it is helpful to look at national averages. The average price per unit of electricity is $0.02872 in Hawaii and $0.0771 in Louisiana. The average household in the United States pays $0.1054 for electricity, which is equivalent to 877kWh per month. This bill includes all taxes and fees.


These costs can be greatly offset by solar energy. Solar Sacramento assesses homes and takes a look at your electricity bill.


Solar Panel Maintenance costs

Solar maintenance costs are minimal for properly installed systems. The system itself will have only a few maintenance costs over its average 25-30-year lifespan. These costs include monitoring problems, wire maintenance (maybe a squirrel ate through a wire), or adding winter guards to the inverter. Solar Sacramento can be reached quickly to assess whether we would need to be there.


Panel Cleaning

Solar panels have a generally 1-2% degrading factor per annum depending on climatic and environmental conditions. However, they can also suffer from an 8% production loss from soiling effects (this information is included on all datasheets of solar panels and what the warranty will cover for this period).

Do you have concerns about solar panel maintenance? The best thing about solar panels is that they are virtually self-cleaning. Yesterday, did you get a 1-foot snowstorm? Do not worry, the sun shines today and melts the snow. Your panels will soon be back in production.

Solar Sacramento offers its customers yearly maintenance plans, which can also be combined with a system purchase.

Solar Installation is a sound investment

Anybody who is considering solar energy or has already made the switch considers the initial capital and low ongoing maintenance costs of a Solar Panel System worth the investment. While there is an initial investment ( financing is available), technology advancements have made it possible to reduce these costs.

New systems will be more energy-efficient, last longer than 30 years, so the cost per kWh will drop. This will allow you to continue to have reliable and consistent green energy.


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